SuppressionList Overview

What is a Suppression List?

Generally speaking, a suppression list is a list of leads that should not be contacted. It may be a list of individuals that have requested not to be emailed or called by your company. As such, they should be suppressed from any ongoing company communications. When running cost-per-lead advertising with 3rd party vendors, companies may want to reject any leads that are on their suppression file.

Does ActiveProspect offer a solution for managing a suppression list?

Yes, here is a link to more information: SuppressionList.

Using SupressionList with LeadConduit Classic

SupressionList is most often used for duplicate prevention or to prevent data which should be suppressed from acceptance into your campaign. Accomplishing this utilizes LeadConduit Classic's multi-destination behavior. Typically, there are two destinations, one for querying a suppression list and one for adding the current lead to your list. Setting up each destination is somewhat similar, however, between the two, the posting URLs, the request headers and the request bodies differ.

The first destination in your campaign will typically be a SupressionList query. At this step, the list is queried to see if the data in a delivery parameter is present or not. For example, you can check to see if a certain email or phone number is on the list. If the new lead data is not on your SuppressionList, LeadConduit Classic will continue onto the next destination as specified. See Query a SupressionList below for the specifics on setting this up.

Another LeadConduit Classic delivery destination is used to add data to the current lead to your SuppressionList. This additional destination will add the value of the chosen delivery parameter to your SupressionList. That way, the new lead data is there from the beginning when the next lead comes through. See Add Current Lead to SuppressionList with LeadConduit Classic below for more information.

Configuring LeadConduit Classic to Use SupressionList

You'll find a step-by-step guide to configuring your LeadConduit Classic campaign to use SuppressionList here: How to use SuppressionList with LeadConduit Classic

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