Working with Dynamic Acceptance Criteria


If a lead recipient has dynamic acceptance criteria, there are several ways to manage leads for such a campaign.

When a lead recipient provides you with dynamic acceptance criteria, their lead handling is usually set up to respond and validate lead data in real time, so the easiest option is to simply rely on the Response Parsing within LeadConduit Classic to mark leads as rejected.

However, if you want to minimize the number of bad leads that are sent to the delivery destination, there are some way to handle that as well. Since LeadConduit Classic is not used to actually generate leads, there are limits to the dynamic restrictions that are enforceable.

-- If the field to field criteria is a relatively small set, filters can be used to invalidate data between two or more fields before it is sent to a specific destination. (e.g. if the field "education_level" has a value of "High School Diploma" then only the acceptable options for the field "degree_of_interest" would be "Associate's Degree" or "Bachelor Degree" -- even if "Masters Degree" is field listed and would be valid for other edulevels) At this time, filtering like this will only work on sets of data containing fewer than 100 items, so datasets like zip codes or long program lists aren't a good fit.

Start by selecting 'Edit Acceptance Criteria'

Once you have located the field that requires further control of acceptance criteria, select the pencil icon to edit the field. Select or deselect the required fields as needed.


-- Provide detailed posting docs to your sources, so they can use their own systems to invalidate, or prevent invalid data from being passed. They may have a site or program that check against the criteria you provide, or may be able to set up chained/dynamic fields on their front-end collection area.

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