Acceptance Criteria Overview


When a lead is submitted to a campaign it is evaluated by a variety of acceptance criteria to determine if it is a valid lead. If the lead fails any of these real-time automated checks, it will be marked invalid. Acceptance criteria is configurable by the campaign owner and is designed to be customized for each individual campaign.

Required fields

If a field is marked as “required” in the “edit acceptance criteria” page, then it must be included in the request. If any required fields are not present, the lead is invalidated. White space characters are considered data. To valid that data is sent, set the minimum length to 1 character.

To view the required fields for a campaign, select 'edit acceptance criteria' from the main campaign information page.

On the following page, you will see all of the fields included in your campaign. Simply check the box next to the field you wish to be required for your workflow.

Standard Field Type Validation

LeadConduit Classic offers a powerful selection of pre-defined field types for validating commonly used data formats, including date and time fields, IP address, email address, number, postal code and others. Many of these are user-configurable for format, minimum and maximum length, specified-content lists, value ranges, and more. Each different field type offers its own unique set of validation options.

Custom Field Validation

You may use regular expressions (regex) to specify a custom pattern-based validation for the format of a "text" field type.

Duplicate Checking

Clicking the “edit duplicate checking” link on the main campaign page will display the Duplicate Checking configuration page.

Here you may enable/disable duplicate checking, select how far back in time LeadConduit Classic should look to check for a duplicate, and select which fields are to be used for duplicate checking.

Volume caps

You may set overall, monthly, daily, and day-of-week volume caps on the number of accepted leads from any source within a campaign.

Time of Day

You may configure the time of day that leads will be accepted by a campaign by setting the start time and stop time (CST) for the campaign.

Use the simple controls below to set a start and stop time of your campaign.


Custom Script

Clicking the “add custom script” link on the main campaign page allows you to write and apply a Javascript routine to each incoming lead.

The script may read any of the campaign fields, sub-fields (for instance, the area-code portion of a phone field) and system-generated fields (such as the LeadConduit Classic LeadId or DateTimeCollected). The script may also modify the values in user fields, and, most importantly, may mark the lead as invalid and provide a customized reason for the invalidation which is passed back in the response to the source. See Custom Script for details about creating custom scripts. 


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