Common API Parameters & Responses


This describes part of the LeadConduit API. Read the overview here


The following parameters are common across various LeadConduit API calls. Note that all parameters are lower case. Providing Campaign_ID or campaign_Id instead of campaign_id will result in that parameter being disregarded.

  • api_key — Your account's API key (either "limited" or "full" as appropriate; see the overview for more about API keys).
  • campaign_id — Limit the results to this campaign
  • source_id — Limit the results to this lead source (affiliate)
  • recipient_id — Limit the results to this lead recipient (advertiser)
  • start — Limit the results to those after this date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • end — Limit the results to those before this date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • profile — Limit the results to leads with this profile

Paged Responses

Some API calls return paged data sets. Each page of data contains 50 or fewer results. You may control which page you are reading by supplying the page parameter, an integer page number. Paged responses contain several special values to help you more easily use this feature.

  • count — the total number of records across all pages.
  • page_count — the number of total pages available in this data set. For example, if the data set contains 275 records, page_count will be 6 (50 leads on the first 5 pages, and 25 leads on the 6th page).
  • has_more — true if there are additional pages beyond the current page, otherwise, false.
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