How to get pre-qualified campaigns via the API


This is part of the LeadConduit Classic API. Read an overview, or review common API parameters.


The "pre-qualification" API allows you to find out which of a list of campaigns are currently accepting leads - that is, active campaigns that have not exceeded volume caps. The purpose of this API call is to dynamically determine which offers are worth displaying to a consumer in real time.

A "full access" API key must be used for this API call (see the overview for more about API keys).


Given a list of campaign IDs, this API call will return a list of the IDs of campaigns which:

  1. are currently active
  2. are accepting leads at the current time of day
  3. have not exceeded volume caps for the designated lead source


  • campaign_id[] — repeat this parameter for each campaign you want to pre-qualify
  • source_id — the ID of the source that would be providing the leads. using the campaign owner's AccountId returns results based on teh campaign's overall cap


Issuing a request to the campaigns API returns a simple JSON array of campaign ID strings.

An example request (note that the square bracket pair ([]) is encoded for curl (%5B%5D)):


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