Sending Leads to SalesForce


Sending your leads from LeadConduit Classic to Salesforce can be done using their web-to-lead URL:

Here is more information about Salesforce web-to-lead integrations.

When setting up a Salesforce integration the OID for your campaign will need to be hard-coded into the Parameters area of the Destination. The OID value (shorthand for Organizational ID or "Org ID") is your instance of The OID should be listed in the webtolead HTML example they provide, similar to:

You would place this within the parameters of your outbound delivery like


If you have not customized your SalesForce form to use field names that match the fields you have set in LeadConduit, you will need use parameter mapping.

Salesforce does not send error responses, so you will want to leave the response codes configured to the default. This makes it more important for you to send and subsequently receive a test lead. Once you do, all other leads should go through as expected.

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