Why is a lead marked as 'Accepted by too few delivery destinations' ?


If a lead does not make it to one or more of the destinations that is marked as determining success, you may see this reject reason in your lead stats: Accepted by too few delivery destinations

If you are a lead seller, and see this lead in a campaign you do not own, you will need to contact your buyer for more information on the reason for the failed lead.

If you are a campaign's original owner, you may be able to specify what destinations determine if a lead is successful under the global settings for a campaign. You can access the global settings link at the bottom of the campaign overview screen.

In the following example, a lead will only be marked successful if it is delivered successfully to the "Lead Buyer Destination." Since no other destinations are set to determine the lead status, any lead that does not make it to the last destination will be marked as 'Accepted by too few delivery destinations"



If you would rather see the specific failure message from other destinations, which may help define WHY the lead didn't make it to the last destination, you would want to set each of the destinations as determining lead success.



Under the delivery destinations, you will want to make sure you have set up the Response Parsing so that the correct reject/failure response is returned and displayed in your stats.

In some cases, Accepted by too few delivery destinations is the only valid and expected response that LeadConduit Classic can give as to why a lead failed. This will be true if you have a lead set to be marked as successful if it passes to any 1 of multiple destinations and that lead is not accepted by any destination. For example, if you are selling the lead to the first buyer that accepts it, or if you are doing a round-robin delivery to multiple destinations and none of the marked destinations accept the lead. Since there is no way to return the failure or reject message for more than one destination, you will see the message "Accepted by too few delivery destinations" which indicates the lead could not be delivered to any of the destinations that determines success. In these cases, you can click on the lead detail to view the actual reject message from each location.

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