Multi-destination behavior



A LeadConduit Classic campaign can deliver leads to multiple destinations. Multi-destination behavior allows you to configure rules based on the outcome (success/failure/error) of each delivery destination. This functionality allows you to route or match leads with multiple destinations or buyers.

Setting up multi-destination behavior is an important step for each delivery destination, even if you do not have multiple destinations. The multi-destination behavior sets what will happen after a lead is attempted.

Delivery Outcomes

LeadConduit must classify the result of each campaign delivery destination as one of the following:

  • Success
  • Failure
  • Error

When delivering leads to another server/system, LeadConduit Classic must determine the delivery outcome using response parsing.


Based on the outcome of the delivery, the following behavior/rule options are available:

  • Continue to next destination
  • Continue to next destination, retry later
  • Do not continue to next destination
  • Do not continue to next destination, retry later


Configuration Scenarios

How you set up the rules is going to depend on the desired behavior for your particular use case. You may want a lead to be sent to every delivery destination or you may want the lead to be delivered exclusively to a single destination (or matched with the appropriate destination campaign).

For the most part, you will only want to retry a lead on error, and not on success or failure. Retrying on error can be useful, in case the receiving server is temporarily down (but it can delay the leads to subsequent destinations, so weigh that when deciding how to handle errored leads).

For example, if you want leads to only go to the second destination if the first destination doesn't accept the lead, then you would set up:

On deliver success: do not continue to next destination
On delivery failure: continue to next destination
On delivery error: do not continue to the next destination, retry later.

If you wanted leads to go to multiple destinations regardless of status, you might use something like:

On deliver success: continue to next destination
On delivery failure: continue to next destination
On delivery error: continue to next destination

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