Double Opt-in Email


What is a Double Opt-in email?

A double opt-in email is an email where the recipient has confirmed their intent to sign up for the list by clicking on a link in the confirmation email they receive after signing up. It is called a double opt-in because the user first opts in by signing up for the list. They then opt-in again by clicking on the confirm link in the email.

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Can I configure LeadConduit Classic to manage double opt-in email campaigns?

Yes, this is possible to do using a combination of features like multi-destination delivery and delivery delays. There are two primary ways to configure this, depending on whether you want to mark leads that don't double opt-in as "bad leads" or if you want to mark leads that double opt-in as "converted leads." We'll refer to these two options below as "Rejecting Leads that don't email confirm" and "Marking double opt-in leads as Converted" respectively.

Rejecting Leads that don't email confirm

It's possible to configure LeadConduit Classic to reject leads that don't email confirm within a specific time frame. For example, you may want to reject any leads that don't double opt-in within 5 days.

This type of campaign configuration requires the use of 2 delivery destinations. The first destination will be used to add the email address to the list of the Email Service Provider (such as LyrisHQ or MailChimp). The ESP will send the confirmation email (also known as the auto-responder email).

The second destination will be used to determine the outcome of the email send (did the person click on the confirmation link?). The second delivery destination must utilize our delay feature. The delay will be set to the desired time period to allow a user to confirm. If you set the delay to 2 days, the user will have 2 days to confirm their email. If they confirm on the 4th day the lead will still be treated as a reject. When the delay period has been reached, the second delivery destination will post the lead record to the API of the ESP. The ESP API will respond with the status of that lead record. If the email address has been confirmed/double opt-in then LeadConduit Classic will treat that response as a "success" response and the lead will remain as a good lead in LeadConduit Classic. If the email address has not yet confirmed, LeadConduit Classic will interpret this response as a failure and mark the lead as a bad lead.

Marking double opt-in leads as Converted

It's possible to mark leads that double opt-in as converted leads. In this scenario, the single opt-in leads will still be considered good leads. In addition, it is possible to mark leads that bounce or unsubscribe as bad leads.

This scenario requires the use of an outbound delivery destination to send the leads to your Email Service Provider and the LeadConduit Classic API to update leads as converted.

This setup requires having your ESP inform the LeadConduit Classic API that a lead has converted. One way to do this is to configure the confirmation link in the email to call the LeadConduit Classic API to mark that lead as converted. Alternatively you could download all the double opt-in emails from your ESP and upload them to LeadConduit Classic as converted leads.

Optional: To reject leads that bounce or unsubscribe, you will need to use a second delivery destination in the campaign that is configured with a time delay. This second delivery destination could contact your ESP after a specified period of time (eg 2 days). LeadConduit Classic could translate the response for bounces and unsubscribes as a failure.

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