Email Lead Delivery

LeadConduit provides a lead delivery destination for delivering leads via e-mail, one-by-one. When creating a delivery destination, simply choose the "Email" option, and add the addresses to which you'd like your leads delivered. The listed addresses will receive an email for every lead that arrives in your campaign.


Make sure you white list the "from" address from which all lead e-mails are sent in order to prevent them from being marked as spam. This can be different depending on your e-mail provider and/or e-mail client. The from address for lead e-mails is ""

Talk to your IT department about our service and let them know that we can potentially deliver a large volume of e-mails and within a short time frame. To prevent any delays in receiving your leads, ask them to increase the number of connections allowed from our servers to theirs. Feel free to provide them our server information so that they can make any necessary adjustments to ensure deliverability.

Our outbound lead email server:
IP address:

Due to the nature of e-mail we cannot guarantee delivery of single lead e-mails in all cases. If you need more robust e-mail delivery, including the ability to send leads in batches or on a schedule, ask about LeadConduit's batch delivery feature.

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