How to delay delivery to a destination


The delivery "delay" feature allows you to pause for up to 5 days before sending a lead to the destination or any of the subsequent destinations. Once the configured delay has elapsed, the system will deliver the lead to that destination and the subsequent destinations. NOTE: The delay is not a delay between leads. It is a delay from one destination to another.

In order to set the delay for a delivery, navigate to the Delay section of your destination:
1. check the box next to "delay delivery to this destination for at least"
2. choose the amount of time from the drop down menu


This is an advanced feature that is useful in scenarios where you are using multiple delivery destinations — typically a delay will be used to help interact with external systems that cannot provide a real-time response.

How is the delay measured?

The delay starts from the time the delivery to the previous destination occurred. If the destination is the first, then the delay starts when the lead is received by LeadConduit Classic. In practice, this means that if you have a delay of 1 minute on your first destination, and 2 minutes on your second destination, then the total delivery time will take at least 3 minutes. The delay for the second destination starts after the lead is delivered to the first destination.

Note that a lead will be delivered sometime shortly after expiration of the delay, though it might not happen immediately. The delay simply guarantees that the system will pause for at least the configured amount of time — never less.

How does a delay affect synchronous delivery?

If you have a delay set on one of your destinations, then a lead cannot be delivered to that destination or any of the subsequent destinations in a synchronous fashion. However, all of the preceding destinations will be handled synchronously if they do not have a delay configured. However, the lead as a whole will be treated as asynchronous and your source will receive a success/pending status. Put another way, we will not "hold open" the connection for an incoming lead post until a configured delay elapses. See the synchronous delivery article for more information.

When might I want to use this feature?

If you send your leads to an email service provider (ESP), you might want to wait to see if the email addresses bounce before sending the leads on to your customer relationship management solution (CRM). The ESP would be configured as your first destination, and your CRM would be configured as your second destination. The CRM destination would have a delay of a few days. That would give you enough time to fetch a list of bounced addresses and return those leads using LeadConduit before they were forwarded to your CRM.

Note that if you want to configure the above scenario, we can automate the process so that you don't have to download a list of bounces and manually reject the bounced leads. Contact us for more information.

Can a delay be used to "spread out" lead delivery?

Yes. If you want spread delivery to the destination over a period of time (adding a delay between subsequent lead deliveries), rather than deliver each lead as it arrives, select the last option in the delay drop-down ("random amount of time, up to 24 hours"). Each lead will be delayed a different amount of time, up to 1440 minutes (24 hours). This will "smooth out" delivery so that leads are more evenly delivered throughout the day. This can be helpful for batch uploads.

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