Outbound parameter mapping


LeadConduit Classic offers both parameter mapping and value translations as outbound delivery options for field mapping.

Parameter mapping allows you to rename the field parameter used in your LeadConduit campaign to another parameter name per the requirements of the destination server. For example, in LeadConduit Classic you may use "first_name" as the field parameter representing the "First Name" field, but you may need to pass it as "fn0001" when you deliver the lead to another system.

This type of mapping must be done manually by editing the parameters in the outgoing parameters area. For example, to have "first_name" sent as "fn0001", you would change:
'&first_name=#{first_name}' to '&fn0001=#{first_name}.'

You can also include spaces in your outbound parameter names and LeadConduit Classic will automatically URL encode those for you. For example, you could use: 'first name = #{first_name}'.

You could also set up concatenated fields using parameter mapping, such as combining first name and last name into a single entity, like:
'&full_name=#{last_name}, #{first_name}'

Another popular use of outbound mapping to allow your sources to send you phone numbers in any format - (888)555-1212 or 8885551212, and then send them to your lead buyer in their desired format 850-555-1212

What you do for this would be to set the acceptance criteria for the 'phone' field to allow any format, then use the variable placeholders - already broken out by LeadConduit, to concatenate the number as needed:'&phone=#{phone.area}-#{}-#{phone.line}'




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