Reviewing Leads Prior to Delivery



Sometimes you may want to manually review leads before they are delivered to the recipient. This may be required to ensure the leads are of the highest possible quality.

There are a couple of ways this can be accomplished: 1) Disabling delivery destinations, or 2) Using a delivery delay.

Disabling delivery destinations

When you disable all the delivery destinations for a campaign the leads will all stay in a pending status until the destination(s) are re-enabled. By doing this, you will have up to 7 days to manually review each lead while it is stuck in a pending status. Then once you are done, re-enabling the delivery destinations will cause the leads to be delivered. This is a good solution if you just need to do a one time review.

Delivery Delay

If you need to manually review leads on an ongoing basis, a better solution would be to use a Delivery Delay on the delivery destination. This will keep each lead in a pending status for the duration of the delay. For example, if you used a 24 hour delay you would have 24 hours to manually review the leads.

Marking pending leads as bad

Any lead that you mark bad while it is in a pending status will be given a status of "Rejected".

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