How do I make changes to an existing delivery?

To make changes to an existing delivery, please select the one you wish to edit within the BatchRobot interface. Once selected, you can make changes easily within the interface by choosing 'Edit Configuration.'


From here, you can edit the following:

Delivery info:  edit the name of the delivery, change how you wish the file to be delivered

File Formatting: Select attributes to add custom naming to your file names, etc.

Signing and Encryption: Active encryption for delivery. For more information, please click here

Delivery Schedule: Change the days / times of your delivery. Add a cron expression if you like. 

Notifications: Add or remove email addresses. Remember to add one per line!

Once you're done, hit save to commit to all changes.  With FTP or SFTP type deliveries it's necessary to re-save the FTP password whenever exiting "Edit Configuration".


In addition to editing the fields within the configuration, you can easily move around the order of the file columns for your delivery. Select the column you wish to change the location of, click and drag it to its new position. 



If you wish to remove a field, select the red circle next to the value. Need to add more? Simply type it into the box below. 

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