What is BatchRobot?

BatchRobot is a stand-alone application that receives text data one multi-field record at a time, collects the records into a batch, then periodically delivers the batch as formatted a text file on a preset schedule.
Use BatchRobot to create and manage batch file deliveries. Capture your data to BatchRobot via http POST or GET. BatchRobot aggregates the data into one of several common file formats, then delivers that file at customizable intervals or on demand as either an email attachment or via FTP or SFTP. BatchRobot is source-agnostic, but integrates especially easily with the LeadConduit lead management platform.

How do I configure it?

Before you begin

You'll need to know at a minimum:

  • How the batch files will be delivered (email, FTP, SFTP, or FTPS)
  • Where the batch files will be delivered (email addresses or FTP url and credentials)
  • What style of delimiter will be used in the files (comma, pipe character, tab delimited or fixed-width columns)
  • If there are any specific file-naming instructions
  • If the files are to include a header row with the column names
  • The column names and the order in which they are to be arranged, if any.
  • The frequency and schedule at which batch files are to be delivered.
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