Professional Services

What are professional services at ActiveProspect?

Our support staff provides professional services by customer request. This individualized customer support goes beyond the resources provided through our online support. Professional services range from setting up a campaign or configuring lead delivery to custom development work to strategic consulting. Fees for professional services are charged on an hourly basis according to your contracted hourly rate. On request, we will provide estimates to do work on a project-basis.

How do I submit a professional services request?

Simply email and provide as much detail in your request as possible.

How are professional services tracked?

When you email your request to support, you will receive an auto-responder email with a case number. All activity for your request will be tracked under that case number so it is important to include the case number in the subject line of all correspondence related to your request.

How am I billed for professional services?

Professional services are billed on an hourly basis and invoiced monthly. The invoice will provide a detailed report of professional services work completed during the month listed by case number.

What is the difference between billable and non-billable requests?

Non-Billable Requests:

Generally, a non-billable request is one which seeks general information on the use of our software beyond the information available via the in-product prompts, instructions, or the product knowledge base. A non-billable request is also one that reports a potential bug in our software or a system-based issue as the cause of a problem, if such a bug or issue is then found to exist.

Examples of Non-billable Requests/Questions

Is this parsing [pattern example] correct based on this server response: [response example]

Why am I getting an error message?

Can I accomplish “X” with your API or software?

Is there a way to delete a large volume of leads?

Is there a way to change the format of a variable?

Billable Professional Services Requests:

A billable professional services request is one which seeks assistance regarding the implementation a specific product feature, the configuration of our software for your campaign or account, or assistance with other technical areas related to use of our products i.e. Javascript programming, Regular Expressions , SOAP, XML, etc.

Most likely, if configuration changes are required to fulfill your request, it falls under the professional services domain. We will inform you and request your consent before proceeding with a professional services request.

Examples of Billable Requests/Questions:

How do I parse success and failure responses for my campaign?

Can you deactivate a filter on our campaign?

Can you login to my BatchRobot account and tell me why I'm getting an error?

Can you create a campaign for me?

Can you implement TrustedForm on this form?

Why isn’t my delivery destination’s response parsing working?


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