How can I redeliver or regenerate a BatchRobot report?

Due to many issues, you may need to regenerate or redeliver a BatchRobot report. This can be due to an email address change, FTP credentials change or unreachable server. Below are the steps to cover any issues related to regeneration or redelivery of reports. 

1. Start by logging into your BatchRobot account. 

2. Click the name of the Delivery you wish to have resent. In this case, we'll be clicking the "BatchRobot Example". However, if you wanted to view the entire list of all your deliveries, you would select "Deliveries" at the top.

3. Once you have located the record you wish to resend, scroll to the bottom to view the existing reports. If you are looking to deliver a report by a specific date, locate it and select one of the following:

  • "regenerate" to recreate the report*
  • "redeliver" to resend the report
  • Or click the date of the report to download it locally. 

*Note: If you regenerate the report, you will need to redeliver the report in order for it to arrive. 



After completing these steps, please check to see if the file has arrived. If for any reason that it has not, BatchRobot will display an error citing the cause of the issue. In the example below, you can see that there is a 530 authentication error with the delivery. To correct this issue, please see the article on editing deliveries. Once you have corrected the issue, you can select the "Dismiss These Errors" button to continue.


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