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The best way to think of a Step in LeadConduit is: "What do you want to do with your leads?". LeadConduit offers several types of steps, each with their own options.

How to add a Step to your flow:

  1. In LeadConduit, click on the Flows tab in the top navigation bar, then select an existing flow or create a new one
  2. Select the Steps tab
  3. Click the Add Step button, and select one of the following options:
    • Add Enhancement
    • Add Recipient
    • Add Filter
  4. Once you add a step you can either drag and drop the rule into place or select the up/down arrows to move the step into the desired order
  5. Click Save to update your flow

Types of Steps

  • Add Filter: LeadConduit makes it easy to filter out leads you don’t want to delivery to your system. For example, if you cannot serve customers outside of the Continental United States, you can set up a filter rule to block any leads where the State is equal to Alaska or Hawaii. Filters can also use any data appended by our enhancement integrations, so you can block any lead with a non-contactable phone number

  • Add Enhancement: LeadConduit makes it easy to get your leads from Point A to Point B, but where it really shines is all of the additional capabilities you can add through an integration with third-party services. For example, you can determine if an email address is real and accepting email or check whether a phone number is connected. Note: these integrations incur a separate cost for each lead they process.
  • Add Recipient: LeadConduit can route your leads to your CRM for marketing automation, storage, call center action, and more. Since LeadConduit is lead processing software as opposed to storage, it may be important to you to use LeadConduit to pass your leads to a system equipped for long-term storage. You can use the Autoresponder feature to reply to leads and let them know that you have received their information. You can also use LeadConduit Email Delivery to have an email sent to you every time a lead is processed, as well as integrating with services like SendGrid and MailChimp.  If you are selling leads, LeadConduit makes it easy to integrate directly with your lead buyer simply by selecting them from our list. You can also add buyers that may not appear in the list


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