LeadConduit: Understanding Flow Events

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Each lead that passes through LeadConduit leaves a trail of steps generated from the flow.

Below you'll find a detailed explanation of the outcome of each type of step you could find with the lead steps.

success.png Success - The step executed correctly. For some integrations, it also means the service responded with a Pass.
error.png Error - The step executed but not successfully. No data was returned. The step was not completed and the flow moved on to the next operation.
failure.png Failure - The step executed and the outcome was a Failure. The lead did not meet the criteria specified for the step.
continue.png Continue - The filter executed and did not cause the flow to stop. 
stop.png Stop - The filter executed and caused the flow to stop. 
skip.png Skipped - The step did not execute. The criteria to perform this step were not met. The flow moved on to the next step.
lead_success.png Success - The lead was accepted. This is the last step in the flow. The outcome of this lead is "success".
lead_failure.png Failure - The lead was failed. This is the last step in the flow. The outcome of this lead is "failure".


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