TrustedForm's snapshot and video replay

Capture how the user interacted with the form, including data entries, mouse movements, and mouse clicks, for the most authoritative proof of consent.

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What is video replay

TrustedForm video replay is a copy of the elements loaded into the consumer’s browser during their interaction with a web page hosting the TrustedForm script. The video associated with a TrustedForm certificate is not merely a shallow recording or simulation of what the page looked like when the user interacted with it, but is an actual copy of the elements present on the page when the TrustedForm script was loaded and how the consumer interacted with the page.

As the consumer interacts with the web page, they may enter text into fields, change dropdowns, click on buttons, move the mouse and scroll through the page -- TrustedForm captures these events and uses video replay to recreate these events in an interactive way.

Controlling when TrustedForm video replay begins

You can control when TrustedForm begins recording a consumer’s interaction with a web page by delaying the injection of the TrustedForm script onto the page. For an in-depth overview with an example of how to set up this injection properly, see Manually Triggering TrustedForm.

NOTE: TrustedForm stops recording once the relevant web form submits executes, and the page is redirected/refreshed. This typically occurs when a user clicks the 'submit' button after entering the required information into the form. TrustedForm users cannot adjust this behavior and therefore cannot change when the TrustedForm video stops recording prior to form submission.

How do I access the video replay

If a certificate is less than 72 hours old, you may use the TrustedForm Certificate URL to access the certificate via your browser. If the certificate is greater than 72 hours old, and you are a TrustedForm subscriber who claimed the certificate, you will need to log into your ActiveProspect account and click Launch TrustedForm. Once you have launched TrustedForm, you can use the TrustedForm Certificate URL to access the Video Replay. Please note, claimed TrustedForm Certificates are placed into storage after 30 days and may take several hours to be retrieved.


Prior to September 2015, TrustedForm generated a static copy of the HTML present when the TrustedForm script was loaded but did not include any of the changes made as the user interacted with the website. TrustedForm Certificates generated prior to September 2015 will only include a snapshot, not a video replay.

Why is my TrustedForm video replay or snapshot missing?

From time to time one might encounter a missing snapshot on a TrustedForm certificate, indicated by a snapshot not found when accessing the certificate. Typically this means the data needed for a video replay or snapshot was not uploaded into TrustedForm's storage.

The most common culprit is the spotty network connection on mobile devices, however, it's not always possible to say why this happens. Since TrustedForm only gets one attempt to capture the video replay, if anything happens, it's not something that can be obtained retroactively.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about video replay.




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