TrustedForm Long Term Storage

What is TrustedForm Long Term Storage?

If your account's Time to Retain Certificates setting is greater than 30 days, ActiveProspect relocates your file to our long term storage servers.  This will only occur when a claim is older than 30 days.

This type of storage is designed for archives that require long term storage. When an archive is in long term storage, it is not immediately accessible. To access these archives, they must be retrieved, which usually takes approximately 5 hours. 

Please note if an account's 'Time to Retain Certificates' setting is 30 days or less, claims will not be sent to long term storage. The claim will still be removed from our system according to the Time to Retain Certificates setting.


What will happen why I try to access a claimed TrustedForm certificate that is in long term storage?

When you navigate to a claim that is in long term storage, you will be notified that you have accessed a certificate with the following message:

"We are retrieving this Certificate of Authenticity from long-term storage. It will take some time until it is available for you to view, typically between three to five hours. If you leave this page open, it will automatically refresh when the certificate is ready. Once retrieved, it will be available for seven days before returning to long-term storage.

If you would like to change the amount of time that your certificates are retained, or if you would like to restore certificates in bulk, please contact our services team."

Once the claim is retrieved, it will display normally.

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