How do I ask for help at ActiveProspect?

At ActiveProspect, there are 3 options for obtaining support for our suite of products.

1. Technical Support during or after regular office hours:

Support is open weekdays except holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. U.S. Central Time. Email and we will get back to you within the same day (next business day if the request is sent after business hours).

Examples of Support requests:

  • The customer is having a non-emergency issue that appears to be caused by a bug in our software.
  • The customer has a situation where they can't get ActiveProspect's software to work as they would like and need Support to point them in the right direction to accomplish the task.

2. Paid professional services:

If you have a task or project that you would like us to do for you we offer paid professional services by the 15-minute increments.  Email to request paid professional services.  Depending on the length of the queue and the complexity of the request, these services could take between one day and two weeks.  

Sometimes a customer opts for paid professional services simply because ActiveProspect can save them time by accomplishing the task more quickly. Other times it is a complex task where the customer would rather have our team, with in-depth product knowledge, complete it for them vs. attempting it on their own.

Examples of paid professional services:

    a. Would you set up the response parsing for this lead delivery for me?

    b. Would you implement TrustedForm on this web form for me?

    c. Would you set up a new lead delivery for me?

    d. Would you log in to my BatchRobot account and tell me why I'm getting an error?

See also our Professional Services knowledgebase article located here.

3. Emergency-only technical support:

Emergency-only support is available after-hours and on holidays by emailing  For urgent support during normal business hours please use the regular email address and put URGENT in the email title.

For support personnel to be dispatched we require the following four items in the request:  Full name, account name (usually company name), valid reply email, and nature of the problem.  Due to the series of after hours messages that this email address activates, please limit the use of this email address to true emergencies.

Example of emergency support:  An unexpected change in the operation of the software is causing a customer to lose a substantial amount of money until the issue is fixed.

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