What information is not available on the certificate?

Any information submitted by the consumer will not appear in the certificate. Other information about the consumer's visit to the page — such as the referrer — that is not listed above is not available on the certificate.

As an impartial, publisher-neutral and advertiser-neutral third-party our goal is to operate with 100% transparency with regard to the information we expose in our certificates. We recognize the value of, and therefore are committed to protecting, proprietary information accessed during the course of our duties.

The TrustedForm script accesses some information that many publishers would consider sensitive, however that information is never exposed to anyone. For example, our script reads the referer property in the HTML DOM, but that value is not exposed in the certificate or anywhere else. It is used as part of our fraud detection algorithm but never sees the light of day. You'll also notice that we hide the query string of all page URLs just in case they contain personally identifiable information or search keywords. Your proprietary information belongs to you, and our Publisher Terms and Conditions back up our claim.

For a full overview of the concept of 'Certificate of Authority', please click here.

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