How do you share a TrustedForm certificate?

TrustedForm has a built-in sharing feature that allows customers to send TrustedForm certificates to third parties on an as-needed basis.  Whenever a certificate is claimed and then viewed it automatically creates a sharing link. Each unique sharing link expires 3 weeks after it is created, giving the third party time to review a particular Certificate without giving them access to the customer's overall TrustedForm account. This is especially useful in the case of an audit or when trying to provide proof of opt-in for legal or other reasons.

In addition, we have made it easier to save a Certificate as a PDF or print it. When looking at a certificate in your browser, the normal print function to PDF will generate a well formatted certificate (for example, it would be File->Print in Google Chrome). Then you can email the PDF to relevant parties as needed, and the images and layout will appear as they do on the certificate. 

These updates are retroactive for all previous certificates and should work for any claimed certificates in your account. 

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To find the sharing link for a particular certificate, simply scroll to the bottom of the certificate to the link titled “Share URL”.  You can copy and paste this into an email, etc.

An example of a shared certificate URL:

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