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ActiveProspect has created many integrations to assist in developing your lead flow. It is important to understand which fields are available for use in an integration. We've created a comprehensive list of each integration and its corresponding supported fields. Please note that lists are condensed in the interest of space for this article. 

You can access this by visiting the LeadConduit Integrations page.

Integrations vs. Fields

As you comb through the integrations page, it's important to know where to locate information relevant to your flow. 

You'll see a list of every integration offered by LeadConduit. Select the one you're working with to learn more information about the fields. 


Once you have selected an integration, you'll see a list of every field supported by the flow. You'll also be able to view custom variables, if any, on the page. 


You can find a list of all Fields available within LeadConduit. The Fields library shows you both the standard and custom fields, including the type of data expected in each field, allowable values, and any pertinent information related to its usage.



Clicking a field will bring up a modal with more information, including which integrations (if any) use it and which flows it is included in.


Why is this important to know?

Let's assume you're setting up a flow, with a Five9 recipient. You will want to know what fields are supported by Five9 for automatic delivery. If you take a look at the screen grab below, you'll see exactly why this is important.


What the above information tells us is that LeadConduit is automatically sending the fields First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone 1, and Address 1. You won't have to route a field manually if it is included in this list.

What if it's not on the list? Tell me about custom fields.

 It's important to note that if you have custom fields, you will need to route these manually - in the case of Five9, it would be using the Five9 Custom field.





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