What are the allowed values for Boolean fields?

LeadConduit supports Boolean field types. Internally, Boolean fields store values of a logical "true" or "false". But LeadConduit recognizes certain other values as the equivalent. These are as follows:

Acceptable for TRUE:

1, -1, TRUE*, Y, y

Acceptable for FALSE:

0, FALSE*, N, n

* Case-insensitive. Any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters will work.

What if I send 2 or 'JA'?

By default, LeadConduit treats any values other than those listed as "Acceptable for TRUE" above as "false".  If you need to use non-traditional Boolean field values or international (non-English) values you can use value translations.

What's happening in the example above is that you are setting the value of Mobile Opt-In to 'TRUE' if there is a presence of the word "OUI" or "JA". The same goes for FALSE. If there is the presence of the word "NON" or "NEJ", then Mobile-Opt-In is set to FALSE. This can also be repeated for integers as well.


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