What Does LeadConduit Do?

A dictionary definition of “conduit” is “a means of transmitting or distributing”
LeadConduit at its simplest is just that, a conduit of leads from sources to recipients.

Sources (web sites, lead sellers or other providers) submit leads to LeadConduit, typically in real time. LeadConduit processes and delivers those leads via a customer-definable sequence of events called a Flow.

Processing in a Flow may involve

  1. Testing that the lead data meets customer-defined criteria.
  2. Detecting and rejecting duplicate leads
  3. Appending additional data about the lead via automated requests to third-party services.
  4. Rejecting leads that do not meet certain criteria and returning a relevant response to the source.
  5. Delivering the lead data to one or more recipients according to customer-defined rules.

LeadConduit allows the customer to view the details of an individual lead’s actions and outcomes within the flow, and it provides live outcome reporting for recent leads.

Criteria testing includes

  • Checking for the presence of required data fields
  • Evaluating data fields against customer-defined values or ranges.
  • Third-party data append operations include, but are not limited to:
  • Email validation
    1. Telephone number validation
    2. Credit background lookup
    3. Sending transactional autoresponder emails

LeadConduit offers simplified, often 1-click integration with an ever-growing list of major lead providers, validation and data-append services, CRMs, and major lead buyers.

LeadConduit is designed to deliver leads individually, in real-time or in regularly-scheduled batch files.

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