What is the difference between a billable and a non-billable request?

Generally, a non-billable request is one which seeks general information on the use of our software beyond the information available via the in-product prompts, instructions, or the product knowledge base. A non-billable request is also one that reports a potential bug in our software or a system-based issue as the cause of a problem, if such a bug or issue is then found to exist.

Examples of non-billable requests/questions

  • Is this parsing [pattern example] correct based on this server response: [response example]
  • Why am I getting an error message?
  • Can I accomplish “X” with your API or software?
  • Is there a way to delete a large volume of leads?
  • Is there a way to change the format of a variable?

A billable professional services request is one which seeks assistance regarding the implementation a specific product feature, the configuration of our software for your campaign or account, or assistance with other technical areas related to use of our products i.e. Javascript programming, Regular Expressions , SOAP, XML, etc.

Most likely, if configuration changes are required to fulfill your request, it falls under the Professional Services domain. We will inform you and request your consent before proceeding with a Professional Services request.

Examples of billable professional services requests:

  • How do I parse success and failure responses for my campaign?
  • Can you deactivate a filter on our campaign?
  • Can you login to my BatchRobot account and tell me why I'm getting an error?
  • Can you create a campaign for me?
  • Can you implement TrustedForm on this form?
  • Why isn’t my delivery destination’s response parsing working?


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