What are professional services at ActiveProspect?

Our support staff provides professional services upon customer request. This individualized customer support goes beyond our technical support that we provide at no extra cost.

Fees for professional services are charged on an hourly basis according to your contracted hourly rate. Our smallest billable time increment is 15 minutes.  On request, we will provide estimates to do work on a project-basis.

Examples of billable professional services vs. non-billable support are below.

Billable professional services examples:

  • troubleshooting non-ActiveProspect product issues, such as when another system is having issues that ActiveProspect helps sort out
  • setting up a new lead flow / campaign for a customer
  • setting up response parsing for a customer in a LeadConduit Classic campaign
  • custom development work
  • strategic consulting (depending on your subscription level)

Non-billable support examples:

  • customer is doing work in their ActiveProspect product and have a basic question on how something works.  Once we answer their question they complete the work themselves
  • customer's ActiveProspect product has an issue that ActiveProspect staff helps troubleshoot
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