Does TrustedForm hurt Conversion Rates?

No. Adding the TrustedForm JavaScript to your website will not impact conversions. The script is specially designed to stay out of the way of lead submission.

We have, however, seen the appearance of a drop in conversion rates when A/B testing with and without the TrustedForm JavaScript. There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon.

TrustedForm downloads all assets, like images, CSS, JavaScript and HTML that the consumer sees on the offer form. These assets are used to generate our VideoPlayback. When one of those assets is a tracking pixel, the number of visits to the offer form is artificially inflated, causing it to appear that the conversion rate has fallen. There is no impact to the actual number of conversions.

If this is of concern to you, we have a simple fix. Email and request that we blacklist requests to domain name that hosts your tracking pixel. Then TrustedForm will no longer download your tracking pixel, visits will no longer be inflated, and your conversion rates will normalize.

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