How do I deactivate a BatchRobot delivery?

In BatchRobot, you have three options for changing the behavior of deliveries.

1. Capture Inbound Records:

Selecting the checkmark "Capture Inbound Records" will disable BatchRobot's ability to capture inbound records. Any data that is sent to the BatchRobot URL will be ignored.

2. Run Outbound Deliveries:

Selecting the checkmark "Run Outbound Deliveries" will disable BatchRobot's ability to deliver any collected leads. The BatchRobot delivery will continue to capture leads, but not deliver them via email, FTP or SFTP until re-enabled.

3. Deactivate This Delivery:

If you have decided that you wish to permanently deactivate a BatchRobot delivery, select "Deactivate This Delivery." It's important to note that a BatchRobot delivery cannot be re-enabled. Chose this option if you wish to delete your delivery forever. It should be noted that the delivery will remain on your dashboard. BatchRobot deliveries cannot be deleted from your account.


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