TeleSign: Phone Validation

ActiveProspect partners with TeleSign to offer their PhoneID API directly through LeadConduit.

What It Does

The TeleSign Phone Validation enhancement can be plugged directly into your lead flow to block bad, non-contactable phone numbers, plus other kinds of numbers based on your use case, improving the quality of lead generation programs by rejecting bad phone numbers before they cause problems.

Using TeleSign

Open your flow edit to the Steps tab, click Add Enhancement and select TeleSign. You'll also likely want to add a Filter, which we'll cover in a moment:


Understanding the Response

What constitutes a Success? What constitutes a Failure


Subscriber Status field is Active


Phone Type is one of the following:

  • 1 - Fixed Line
  • 2 - Mobile
  • 3 - PrePaid Mobile
  • 4 - Toll-Free
  • 5 - Non-Fixed VOIP
  • 10 - Personal Number


Subscriber Status is Subscriber Inactive


Phone Type is one of the following:

  • 6- Pager
  • 7 - Payphone
  • 8 - Invalid
  • 9 - Restricted Number
  • 11 - Voicemail
  • 20 - Other




Making a Decision

One or more filters must be added after the step in order to make any decision based on the data returned.

While TeleSign returns a Success/Failure determination, there is additional data returned you can base your decision upon.

If you prefer to filter additional line types beyond those the integration automatically rejects or allow line types the integration automatically rejects, you'll need to add another filter.

In this scenario, this filter will come directly after the filter to reject leads the integration marks as failures.

With this second filter in place, leads with bad line types will be rejected, returning separate rejection responses back to the lead source.





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