Common Questions

Q: Does LeadConduit support IPv6?

A: Yes! Both LeadConduit and LeadConduit Classic platforms properly validate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


Q: Is it possible to adjust the Time Zone of LeadConduit / Classic?

A: LeadConduit displays dates/times using the time zone currently set on the device you are using.

LeadConduit Classic system time is only U.S. Central, Daylight Savings Time observed (UTC-5 standard, UTC-6 Daylight Savings). In delivery destinations, variable placeholders for date and time of lead collection are available in both U.S. Central time and in UTC. (#{xxDateTimeCollected} and #{xxDateTimeCollected.utc})


Q: Where do I find the Submission Docs (formerly Posting Instructions) for each of the sources in my flow?

A: This article answers that question.


Q: Is it recommended to use the acceptance criteria or the filtering for campaigns that can only take specific types of leads?

A: It's better to use acceptance criteria where possible. Filtering takes place later in the process flow and is slower.

Acceptance criteria will invalidate leads before any other logic is invoked and generally provide a more meaningful reason in the response to the source and in the lead status detail.

Filtering is intended to assist in determining which destinations a lead will be delivered to, rather than if a lead meets general acceptance criteria.

Review the article on field types for background on what acceptance criteria can be applied to the different types of fields.


Q: How can I be sure that the leads I'm getting are really fresh?

A: If you are requiring and claiming TrustedForm certified leads, you can easily add a filter to your flow that will reject leads based on TrustedForm Age in Seconds.
TrustedForm age is the elapsed time between the last event the user performs on the page (typically the form submit) and when your flow claims the lead's TrustedForm certificate.



Q: I have a field that needs to be URL encoded. How do I go about doing that?

A: LeadConduit automatically URL encodes fields on outbound delivery.


Q: What are the phone number formats supported by LeadConduit?

A: LeadConduit supports phone number formats for the United States and Canada. Other phone number formats are not currently supported.


Q: Can I duplicate/clone a flow in LeadConduit?

A: YES! Duplicating/Cloning a flow using the LeadConduit UI is supported. You can do that from the Flow List in LeadConduit.





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