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Field Mapping connects the dots between a Source (Your Form / Lead Vendor), LeadConduit, and the Delivery Destination.

Example: First Name

The lead vendor / your form uses the field name name

LeadConduit uses the field name first_name

The delivery destination (e.g. Marketo) uses the field name FirstName


Inbound Field Mappings

Field mappings are per source, so select the source you want to update, then click the "Add Field Mappings" button.

Inbound Field mappings are configured per source. Switch to the Sources tab, find the source you want to update and click the "Add Mappings" link (or # Mapping(s) if you already have fields mapped).


You'll next be prompted with a form to connect the form's field to the LeadConduit standard field.


First, select a LeadConduit standard field from the list on the left. Here's a list of all the  Standard Fields in LeadConduit so you know what's available. If the field is not available in the list on the left, you need to add it to your flow first.


Next, type in the field name from the form into the right side, then press enter/return OR select the + button below with the text "Insert {{field_name}} as source field" to complete the mapping.




Warning! If you don't press enter/return OR select the + button below and just leave in the text, LeadConduit will interpret that as text/string to be sent in every flow submission.


Correctly Mapped



Incorrectly Mapped


Finally, click OK, then Save your changes.


Tips and Tricks

Hiding non-required fields from the Submission Docs

You can keep a field from showing up in a source's posting docs by mapping that field as empty in the source's Inbound Field Mapping section (see below) which in this case prevents address_2 from showing up in the Submission Docs. 


Important Note: Rules do not function with Source mappings. Even though they appear to be available, rules in Source mappings can't access or evaluate any field values. Any Source mappings with rules will never execute.

NOTE: We'll cover "Outbound Field Mappings in a later section.


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