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LeadConduit has hundreds of Standard Fields that include built in type verification (like email, phone number, zip/postal code, etc.) but sometimes you have a unique use case and that's what Custom Fields are for.

As of March 2016, LeadConduit requires you to define a custom suffix for all your custom fields to keep them unique to you.

So the first / next time you go to create a custom field, you’ll get the following prompt: 


Answers to Important Questions

Q : Why do custom fields need to have an appended suffix?
A : Custom fields need a suffix in order to guarantee that their ID is unique across all accounts. It also gives users the ability to edit fields after being created.

Q : So the suffix can be anything I choose?
A : Yes! The only constraints around the suffix is that it must be 3-5 characters, alphanumerical (letters or numbers are allowed), and must be unique (don’t worry, we let you know if it is taken).

Q : Can I change it later?
A : Yes, but it is not easy and we strongly recommend against it. If you do need to change your suffix, you will need to contact support and update any flows using that field.

Q : Can I create a new custom field without using the suffix?
A : All new fields moving forward will receive the custom suffix.

Q : What happens to all my existing custom fields? Are you about to change them and break everything?
A : Nothing will break!
Any previously created custom field in use will NOT be affected.
Any previously created custom fields which have never been used will NOT be affected ... until (if) you update that custom field. Only then will the custom suffix be appended.

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