Standard Verbose

LeadConduit can return information appended by your flow's Outbound (Standard and Custom) and Marketplace Integrations in the LeadConduit response. This verbose response contains all data appended during from steps.

While most lead sources don't need additional information beyond the customary success/failure responses, others may need this functionality in order to make decisions on how they'll handle that lead. They may also require more information about why a lead is rejected from the flow beyond the messaging in the filter which rejected the lead. If your lead source requires this additional, appended information, you should select the Standard Verbose Integration for that source.


NOTE This integration can only be applied to custom sources and the LeadConduit Classic standard source.



Applying Standard Verbose to a Custom Source
Applying a Source with Standard Verbose to a Flow


Applying Standard Verbose to a Custom Source

  1. In LeadConduit, hover over Libraries in the top navigation menu and select Sources
  2. Select the tab for Custom Sources
  3. Click on the source for which you would like to enable Standard Verbose Integration
  4. Click on Advanced in the popup window and check the box for Standard Verbose, then click Update


Applying a Source with Standard Verbose to a Flow

  1. Click on Flows from the top navigation menu
  2. In the upper left corner, select New Flow, or click into an existing flow and select Edit Flow
  3. Select the Sources tab and then Add/ Edit Source and choose the source enabled with Standard Verbose. Select Update Sources.  Below is an example response the source will now see.


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