Whitepages Pro: Global Address Validation

ActiveProspect partners with Whitepages Pro to offer their Global Address Validation API directly through LeadConduit.


What It Does

The Whitepages Pro Global Address Validation enhancement validates and normalizes mailing address information including ZIP+4 and latitude/longitude.


Using Global Address Validation

Open your flow edit to the Steps tab, click Add Enhancement, select Whitepages Pro Global Address Validation, and follow the configuration instructions:



Understanding the Response

What constitutes a Success? What constitutes a Failure

A Success status is returned when the Whitepages is_valid flag is either true or null.

A Failure status is returned when the Whitepages is_valid flag is false


the warnings array contains any of the following: 

  • "Invalid Input"
  • "Missing Input"
  • "Partial Address"
  • "Invalid Country Code"


What constitutes a Skip? What constitutes an Error

The Step will Skip unless the following fields are populated:

  • address_1
  • city
  • state (must also be valid)

- OR -

  • address_1
  • postal_code (must also be valid)

This step will return an error when:

  • Whitepages returns an error message.
  • LeadConduit does not receive a successful API response from Whitepages.


Making a Decision

The final step in configuring Global Address Validation is deciding whether or not you want to fail a lead when the address is deemed bad. 




Appended Data

The enhancement returns the following information:

Field Description
id Normalized permanent input address id. Could be used to check if multiple input addresses are actually identical. A durable id will always be returned if the input is valid.

Boolean value indicating if input address is valid. Possible values are:

  • true
  • false
  • null
street_line_1 Normalized and validated street_line_1. Contains both primary and the optional secondary address data.
street_line_2 Normalized sub premise part of the address. This field may vary depending on a country.
city Normalized city name.
postal_code Postal code for the address in specified country location. Example: “98101” in US or “S3D 3F3” in CA.
zip4 4-digit US zip code extension.
state_code State or administrative area for the address in the country location. Examples: “WA” for Washington in US or “BC” for British Columbia in CA.
country_code Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) or country name, Example: “US” or “Mexico”.
lat_long Latitude and longitude associated with the returned address. Includes “accuracy” string that represents the accuracy of the latitude/longitude with levels decreasing in precision in the following order: RoofTop, Street, PostalCode, Neighborhood, City, State, Country.
  • "latitude": 47.707649 / Decimal latitude
  • "longitude": -122.212463 / Decimal longitude
  • "accuracy": "RoofTop" / Represents the qualitative accuracy of the lat-long for the location. One of: RoofTop, Street, PostalCode, Neighborhood, City, State, Country
warnings An array containing one or more of the following warning message strings:
  • House number not validated
  • City, Country Validated
  • Input postal code was corrected. Potential impact to AVS code.
  • Invalid Country Code
  • In US/CA only:
    • Missing unit/apt/suite number
    • Invalid unit/apt/suite number




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