Requiring TrustedForm for a LeadConduit Classic campaign

Q : Is there a way to make TrusteForm required within a campaign?

A : Yes! The custom script below will make TrustedForm required in your LeadConduit Classic campaigns. 


Please Note : There is no way to change the word Optional to Required on the Posting Instructions in LeadConduit Classic (something that we've fixed in the new LeadConduit platform). 


For sources capturing real-time responses, when the lead is rejected because it doesn't contain a TrustedForm cert URL, they'll see the reason in real-time and hopefully adjust their delivery accordingly.


If a publisher posts a lead to a campaign using the script below, it will be rejected with the following reason :


Missing Required TrustedForm Certificate


Additionally, if the source is registered with a free LeadConduit Classic account, they have access to reporting about the leads they've submitted to your campaigns and can see a full list of rejection reasons. 

Here's the custom script to make TrustedForm required : 


if ((lead.xxTrustedFormCertUrl == null)||(lead.xxTrustedFormCertUrl == ''))
  lead.invalidate("Missing Required TrustedForm Certificate");

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