Filtering : Range Type Fields

Range type fields in LeadConduit will accept different types of numerical data, including a single number, a single number with a plus sign, or an actual range (e.g. 1-47).

If you have a range type field and want to create a filter on the data to confirm it is within your acceptable limits, you want to make sure that you are setting up the filter to evaluate the right data.

Range type fields have additional subfields that can be accessed by clicking the small ... to the right of the field name. There, you can access the values that best achieve your results. For example, if you want to make sure a company is no smaller than 100 but no greater than 250, you could select the Minimum and Maximum values with a less than and greater than filter.


If you only care about an average, you can use that too.

A single number passed in a range field will set all the subfields to that number. An actual range will be evaluated based the computed value of the average of the Max and Min.

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