TowerData: Email Validation

ActiveProspect partners with TowerData to offer their Email Validation service directly through LeadConduit.

What It Does

TowerData’s fast, accurate and secure Email Validation service can remove bad emails from your list, leading to higher opens, clicks, and conversions.


Using Email Validation

Open your flow edit to the Steps tab, click Add Enhancement, and select TowerData Email Validation. You'll also likely want to add a Filter, which we'll cover in a moment:



Understanding the Response

What constitutes a Success? What constitutes a Failure

The 'ok' field in the 'email' block of the API response is equal to 'true'

A success response from this integration means an email address is valid, as determined by TowerData, or that no data could be found.

The 'ok' field in the 'email' block of the API response is equal to 'false'

A failure response means an email address is invalid. An email address is invalid if the domain does not exist, the mailbox does not exist at the domain, or if the domain syntax is formatted incorrectly.


Making a Decision

A filter or filters must be added after the step in order to make any decision based on the data returned.

While TowerData returns a basic Good / Bad determination, there is also additional data returned you can base your decision on.

Disposable and role-based emails return a valid status. This integration will return a success response for disposable domains. Therefore, an additional filter is necessary to filter on disposable or role-based addresses.

Here are a few recommended filters:

As shown in the example above, a basic filter would be based on the Outcome (Failure = the Email is Bad)


You may decide to filter on something other than Outcome. For example, you could filter out leads from role-based email accounts using the field Email Validation Role.


You could also filter leads when the domain type is disposable. 



NOTE Emails with a Yahoo domain are problematic. They treat just about anything as valid. This is an issue with Yahoo, not BriteVerify.

Appended Data

The enhancement returns the following information:

Field Detail Example
Outcome The status of the recipient event success
Reason When the outcome is other than Success, a reason for the Outcome is provided. email account invalid
Status Code This TowerData-specific code is is how the integration determines the proper validation level. The code can be a number ranging from 5 to 999. This is information is not typically something you would want to filter on. 50
Status Description An expanded description of the Email Validation Status Code valid
Domain Type The type of domain used in the email address, which can be any of the following:
  • disposable - The domain belongs to a disposable or temporary service
  • wireless - The email is for a wireless service
  • freeisp - The email is a free email service provider
  • null - The type is unknown
Status Is the Email good, bad, or unknown? valid, invalid, unknown, accept-all
Role Whether or not the email address is a role-based account ( or




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