LeadConduit: Sending a Test Lead

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Composing and sending a test lead

You can quickly create and send a test lead to your flow. You'll need a web browser and a simple text editor like "Notepad".
1. Click on "Flows"

2. Click on the name of the flow you want to test.

3. Click View Submission Docs and select a source.

4. Near the top of the resulting page is a box labeled "Direct Post". Copy the url in that box and paste it into a new document in your text editor. :


5. Add a "?" at the end of that url:

6. Scroll down to near the bottom of the Submission Docs page and copy the contents of the sample "Body" box in the section named "Request":


and paste that onto the end of your url, resulting in something like this:

7. Copy and Paste the combined full url and request body string into your browser's address bar and press the "Enter" key to send the test lead to your flow.

8. Modify the "Body" string by either removing selected parameter=value pairs (make sure that all an "&" delimits between parameters) or changing the values of selected parameters, as desired.

The lead will process and become visible in your "events" list in a few seconds.

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