Echoing Lead Data Back To the Source in the Server Response

If you require lead data to be echoed in the HTTP response to a lead post, you can specify the field names using the xxEchoField parameter.

For example, if you wish to echo the postal_code and phone_home values, you would add the xxEchoField=postal_code&xxEchoField=phone_home parameters to your lead post. Doing so would yield the following response:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE response SYSTEM "">
  <field name="postal_code"><![CDATA[78703]]></field>
  <field name="phone_home"><![CDATA[512-555-1212]]></field>


The xxEchoField parameter value must be one of the campaign fields or variable placeholder values for the campaign. More information about variable placeholders is available in this article

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