How do I Temporarily Stop Leads From Delivering Out Of a Campaign?

You can easily shut down all of a campaign's delivery destinations simultaneously by clicking on "campaigns", then the name of the desired campaign, then "edit delivery destinations" followed by the "disable" link. This immediately stops any leads from being sent to any delivery destinations.

How does this affect leads that are waiting for a delayed delivery interval to expire? The delay timer continues to run, but when it expires the lead is placed into the campaign's "pending leads" queue. When delivery destinations resume, the delayed destination will execute as soon as the lead gets its turn to exit the queue.

How does this affect leads that continue to be submitted by sources to the campaign?
New leads are processed normally through the camapign's acceptance criteria and custom script phases, then placed into the camapign's "pending leads" queue. The leads receives an interim status of "good" but "pending". The source of a new lead receives an immediate "success" response like this:

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What happens when the delivery destinations are reactivated?
When delivery destinations are reactivated, leads are processed out of the pending leads queue in single file. This can happen very quickly or very slowly, depending on how much time the recipients take to return their responses. after each lead has completed all active delivery destinations, the global acceptance criteria are evaluated and the lead receives its final status update from "pending" to either "accepted" or "rejected".

I'm ready to reactivate my delivery destinations, but I don't want the new leads received while the destinations were deactivated to be sent to the buyer. How can I prevent those leads from being delivered?
Before reactivating your delivery destinations, hover over "leads" at the top of the page, then click "manual lead delivery". Select the criteria as appropriate, then click "deliver leads". This will do the following:
a. It will mark pending leads that meet the selected criteria as "accepted".
b. It will generate a csv file of those leads and send a download link to the email address provided.
When the manual lead delivery has completed, you may reactivate delviery destinations and resume normal camapign operation.

Consider whether blocking leads from coming into your campaign may better achieve your goal.

Stopping leads from being delivered is fairly easy to do, but you should consider whether it may be better to stop leads from coming into a campaign in the first place. See the article How Do I Block Leads From Coming Into a Campaign?

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