Validating Against a List of Allowed, Required, or Restricted Values

Use SuppressionList to filter your leads against large lists of allowed or disallowed values.

For this example we'll be filtering to ensure that each lead's postal code is contained in a list of allowed values. First, create and populate the list in SuppressionList:

Next, edit your LeadConduit flow to add a SuppressionList enhancement step. Select the "SuppressionList Query Item" integration for that step:

Next, map the list name and the flow field to be checked in this step. For this example we'll assume that your List entries are all 5 digit U.S. ZIP codes. However, LeadConduit accepts full 9-digit ZIP+4 postal codes, so you'll need to ensure that you are only querying the 5-digit portion against SuppressionList. Fortunately this is easy to set up. Here's how: When mapping the postal_code field in the SuppressionList query step, click on the ellipsis at the right side of the postal_code line in the select box:

This will display all of the available postal code variants available. Select "ZIP" to specify the 5-digits-only format:

The fully-specified mapping:

To reject leads whose Zip codes are not in the list, add a filter immediately after the SuppressionList Query step:

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