Step Components

Steps have a variety of options, depending on what kind of step they are.


Rules - Only Filters can have rules. Rules define the requirements wherein you want to stop a lead from processing further. This can be as basic as "Stop when the previous step failed".

In this example, the filter will stop the lead flow if the outcome of the My Personal CRM step is anything other than Success (Errors, Failures, and Skips will all stop the flow).



Feedback - Only steps with an option to deliver data to a destination can have Feedback. Read more about Feedback.


Step Criteria - Similar to Acceptance Criteria, Step Criteria define the conditions when a step should execute. 



Field Mappings - Some steps require configuration (e.g. a Posting URL, an API key) , some steps just you need to connect the field names between LeadConduit and the service you are delivering to, and some steps require no field mappings at all. Whatever the case, LeadConduit will warn you if you need additional configuration.



Warning - When you get a warning, open the step to see more about what's missing.



Notes - If a step has complicated configurations, you can make a note to help remember what or why you did what you did. Read more about Step Notes.


Disable a Step - You may want to disable a step instead of deleting it. Read more about Disabling a Step.


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