Filtering Duplicate Leads

Use SuppressionList to filter duplicate leads based on any flow field.

For this example we'll be filtering to ensure that each lead's Phone 1 value is not contained in a list of previously-submitted leads' phone numbers. First, create and optionally pre-populate the list of phone numbers in SuppressionList:

If you're going to pre-populate this list from your existing customer base, be sure to standardize those phone numbers to digits-only format before importing into SuppressionList. By default, LeadConduit will use that format when querying new leads.

Next, edit your LeadConduit flow to add a SuppressionList enhancement step. Select the "SuppressionList Query Item" integration for that step:

Now map the list name and the flow field to be checked in this step.:

To reject leads whose phone numbers are found in the list, add a filter immediately after the SuppressionList Query step:

Your filter can also limit rejections to entries that were added or updated within a certain look-back period:

Adding the current lead to your dupe-checking list

To add a successfully delivered lead to your List so that the same lead will be rejected as a duplicate in the future, place a SuppressionList "add" enhancement step immediately after the filter that rejects leads that fail the step in the flow that defines the lead as successful. Typically, the step in the flow that defines the lead as successful is the delivery to your buyer:

Map this step to add the Phone 1 flow field to the list:

By default, LeadConduit will standardize the phone number to digits-only format before adding it to your List.

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