Email Oversight: Email Validation

ActiveProspect partners with Email Oversight to offer their Email Verification API directly through LeadConduit.

Email Verification API

Email Oversight cleans spamtraps, bots, and seeds, in addition to identifying undeliverable addresses. This will greatly boost sender reputation and lead to better inbox rates and therefore better interaction. It can also help prevent you from getting blocked by an ESP for having too many invalid email addresses.

 What constitutes a ...

 Success Failure Error

The Email Oversight result field returns one of the following values

  • Verified
  • Catch All
  • Role

The Email Oversight result field returns one of the following values

  • Undeliverable
  • Malformed
  • SpamTrap
  • Complainer
  • Bot
  • Seed Account
  • Disposable Email
  • Suppressed

The Email Oversight result field returns one of the following values

  • Unknown
  • Unauthorized


Adding Credentials

NOTE: Email Oversight is not a resold Enhancement Integration in LeadConduit, so when you add it to your flow, you'll be prompted to provide your API Key and a List ID. You can find those in the Email Oversight Dashboard.





Whitelist the LeadConduit IP

Don't forget to whitelist the LeadConduit IP addresses!


Making a Decision

When adding Email Oversight to your flow, you'll be prompted to decide whether or not to Fail a lead based on the outcome of the response.

You'll also have the option to block Role and/or Catch-All results if you want to be more aggressive in your Pass/Fail decision.

  • Role - Email is associated with common distribution groups. abuse@, sales@, no-reply@, test@ and etc.
  • Catch-All - Domain of the email address accepts all mail and it is impossible to determine validity. If the email address was acquired organically or you have confidence in the validity of the email address, then send at your discretion.



Depending on your selections, both the Email Oversight step and the corresponding filter will be added to your flow.

If you are adding Email Oversight to a previously constructed flow, be sure to drag both Email Oversight AND the related filter into the correct location in your flow.


Adding Credentials

If you added Email Oversight without your credentials, you can add your credentials by expanding the Email Oversight step and clicking on the Edit Field Mapping button.


Click OK, then Save the flow and you're ready to go!



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