Search By Keyword

You can search for leads using the "Search for Lead by keyword" box in the LeadConduit navigation bar.


The search results page will show a list of leads that contain the entered search terms.

Search is especially handy for finding a specific lead by username, or for looking up the lead that generated a particular TrustedForm certificate url.

Search results encompass all available leads across all flows, up to the limits of LeadConduit's data retention period. The default retention period is 90 days., unless your account retention setting has been customized.

When using search, keep the following in mind:

        • Indexing of incoming leads for search is not immediate, so search results won’t be available immediately upon receipt.
        • Search is case-insensitive.
        • Values in State-type fields may be searched by either the two-character state/province abbreviation or by full state/province name i.e. TX or Texas yield the same state-field-matched results.
        • Phone numbers can be searched using many common formats.
        • Entering multiple terms into the search box will find only leads that contain all of those terms. For example searching for Jones TX will return only leads containing both Jones and TX.
        • For these standard fields, search will find partial-word matches on the field value, beginning with the word's first character:
          • first_name
          • last_name
          • email
          • phone_1
          • phone_2
          • address_1
          • city
          • postal_code
          For example, a search for "smit" will find last names "Smith", "Smithers", "Smits" etc. but will not find "Andersmith"
        • Other than the fields listed above, search will find only full-word matches.
        • Except as noted below, numeric values in string-type fields must match the entire numeric string. For instance, if campaign_sub_id_1=998756665, then a search for 998756665 will find the lead. A search on 998756 will not.
        • Phone fields are scanned by area code and by exchange. so a search for "212" will find leads with an area code of 212 or a phone exchange of 212.
        • Postal code fields are scanned from left to right: A search for "956" will find leads with postal codes 956xx.
        • Street address numbers are scanned left to right: If the street address is "134 Main St." a search for "13" will find the lead, but a search for "34" will not.
        • Spaces in non-US postal codes are critical. A search for "W1K1LB" will not find "W1K 1LB".
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