How do I change the type of integration used in a delivery or enhancement step?

Delivery and enhancement steps are both "outbound" in nature. Some outbound entities come with a choice of several different integrations. When you define a new custom delivery step, you have the option of including multiple integration type options, such as "Form Post", "JSON" and others. When you add an outbound step to a flow you will choose one of its available integration types.

Example of multiple available integrations in an enhancement step:2018-02-15_SL_Multi_integrations.png


Example of multiple available integrations in a custom delivery step:


You can later change which of those choices is used in a particular instance, but selecting a new integration type wipes out its existing mappings. If your step has a large number of mappings this can be inconvenient. There's no single-step function to copy mappings from one step to another, and in fact, different integration types often require different mappings anyway. But there are ways to make configuring the step with the new integration quicker and easier.

it's easiest to simply add a new instance of the outbound step with the desired integration type to your flow, then delete the old integration. However, this may affect stats reporting since the old and new steps will be different entities, even if you've named them identically. Adding a new step also means that you will need to update any filters, rules, or mappings in your flow that invoke the results of that step.

Whether you choose to create a new delivery step or re-map the existing step, here's a tip that will make replicating the original step's mappings fast and easy:

  1. Go to "edit flow" and open up the step you plan to edit. You will use this as a copy/paste reference.
  2. Open up a second browser tab or window in the "edit flow" mode.
  3. In the second tab/window only, edit the existing step, changing the integration type. This will wipe out the mappings in the second tab/window but will not affect the first.
  4. Use copy and paste to replicate mappings from the first tab/window to the second. Don't save the flow during this process.
  5. Close the first tab/window without saving. At this point, your original mappings are still the saved version.
  6. In the second window, save the flow. this overwrites the flow with the new version of the step. You will no longer be able to recover the old version.

If your custom delivery step needs an integration type that is not in its options list, email your request to


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