How do I set up a pre-ping system for my sources?

Pre-ping is a practice that allows your source/vendor to pre-check your existing-lead list prior to either submitting a lead or (typically in coreg platforms) even showing your offer to the user.

Why is pre-ping a good idea? Pre-ping can reduce your transaction costs by preventing duplicate leads. For your vendor, pre-ping allows them to maximize their return from the user’s time on their site.

If you’re using SuppressionList to identify duplicate leads, you can create customized pre-ping “Query Urls” for your vendors.

When the vendor sends a request to a query url with the parameter that you use for duplicate identification, such as email or phone, they will receive a reply of “found”:true or “found”:false that tells them whether that term is in your list. If the reply is “found”:true, the vendor knows that the full lead, if submitted to LeadConduit, would be rejected as a duplicate so they should not bother to submit the full lead.

Query URLs are secure. They do not expose your API key.

You can create as many query urls as you need and revoke them individually at will.

If you have multiple lists, you can customize each query url to query one or more specific lists.

For details on creating Query URLs, see the SuppressionList knowledge base article “Creating and Working with Query URLs

Here is a flow diagram for a typical pre-ping system that uses email as the check datum:


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